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We have planned and completed a variety of different specialized projects, involving underwater inspections and construction, diving photography and filming, and sanitation in hazardous industrial environments. Hagström Projekt AB has accrued two decades of experience conducting inspections and maintenance in many of the tunnels and culverts forming the infrastructure of Stockholm Vatten. In addition, we have completed different kinds of dive work and construction projects with a focus on environmental sustainability throughout Stockholm.

Hagström Projekt AB uses only top-of-the-line equipment, tested and certified for use in AtEx high-explosive atmospheres: our work lights, camera devices, personal equipment, and heavy lift platforms all meet the highest safety standards. In order to make every effort to protect our employees and ensure safety on our project sites, we always establish emergency back-up systems designed to ensure the uninterrupted flow of air and power.

In addition, Hagström Projekt AB has conducted tailored projects for a wide array of different companies: for example, we carried out preliminary inspections and other preparatory work for Citybanan; resolved a hazardous tunnel blockage involving explosive atmospheres in Solna; performed maintenance surveys and constructed security measures to prevent unlawful access in the SL subway system; concrete casting work in the Östberga tunnel; comprehensive water flow redirection efforts in order to provide dry areas for projects in tunnels for PEAB Sverige and the Danviken underground pump station; and sterile dive work in Norrvatten water purification plants.

Our staff is composed of divers certified by the regulatory bodies for commercial heavy diving (Civilt Yrkescertifikat) in accordance with Swedish legislature (Afs bestämmelser för Dykeriarbeten). Moreover, our employees have received supplemental preparatory training for work in tunnels and culverts; industrial welding projects; extensive CPR training (with defibrillators); and tunnel integrity assessments. We only hire applicants with prior experience of working in potentially dangerous or stressful situations. Hagström Projekt AB employs divers with a variety of different specializations, for example: casting, welding, construction, heavy lift vehicles, and technical management.

Hagström Projekt AB gives employees full insurance cover through Fora and Trygg-Hansa


Lift the diver with safety to the working place

Tattbybron Saltsjöbaden

            We have participated in the inspection and control of the ship Alteland 

  Reinforcement Tattbybron  Saltsjöbaden                                                                                                                                                                                  

                               HAGSTRÖM PROJEKT AB PROJEKT AB       


                                                     Safety first!

Statoil inspection in fueltank

             Statoil  Inspection in fueltank

      Working somewhere in Norway

         Now we are approved to NORSOK standard

New regulations regarding diving work went into effect on july 1 2011

22 years of experience in specialist work, safety och projects in mountain rooms where,jetfuel,diesel stored  Diving work and projects  in contaminated environment,divinginspections,mountain,tunnelwork

Hagström Projekt AB  Leading in the North in  planning, safety and working in explosive environment,divingwork,divingproject,salvage

Decontamination Equipment and divers working in wasted water

Hagstrom in Swedish Navy Diving School

Visit Van Gogh Ultra Deep Solution and Shel Hutton in Keppel Marina Bay Singapore i hope everyone who working with this boat and crew be happy

Working with Kirby Morgan 37

              MO 1 Old Diving helm in Navy